The entrance to your home is important because first impressions really do count. It needs to be attractive, strong and secure, give excellent insulation as well as being low maintenance. Whatever your needs, whether it’s a Residential UPVC door, Composite, French, Patio, Slider or Bi-fold door we have the choice of styles and colour to enhance your home. All doors come with a huge range of glass design options.

Composite Door

Enhance the beauty of your home with one of our composite doors. They have the appearance of a timber door but with the superior practical advantages that come with modern materials.
Robust, thermally efficient and secure. All our composite doors feature multi locking systems ensuring your family and belongings remain safe. They truly are a great addition to any home.
Available in a wide range of styles and colours.

Bi-folding door

Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular in recent times, becoming the staple for new builds and renovation works. Bi-folding doors are designed to open your home up to the outside world, creating a bright and spacious atmosphere. Like all of our door products or Bi Fold doors come with high security locking mechanisms and come in a choice of colours and finishes.

Slide & Swing Door

The Slide & Swing door is a new-generation multi pane door that enables homeowners to maximise their living space. This new door transforms ordinary rooms, creating spaces between rooms or between the home and your garden in a way no other ‘patio’ door can do.

As an alternative to Bi-folds, the Slide & Swing doesn’t encroach on internal living room or patio space when opening or closing. And homeowners can open any part of the door for ventilation or access. It even operates as a partition. When closed, the doors interlock together creating a solid wall that is extremely secure.
The design of the door allows you to control your environment rather than allowing your environment to control you.

Slider 24 Sliding Door

The sliding door that suites with the heritage 2800 range of windows, offering the same incredible range of colours with 26 colourways from stock.
The system has an excellent energy and weather performance with an A+ DSER rating and 450Pa respectively. It also has the best security rating as PAS 24 certified and offers a low threshold compliant with part M.

Monorail Sliding Door

This high-performance sliding door system is perfect for very wide openings and ideal for homeowners looking to allow the outside world in. The door provides some of the largest unrestricted views available in modern sliding door design, two panes can provide a 4.5m span, whilst three panes can provide a 6.0m span.
This sliding door system glides effortlessly and silently on its high-quality nylon rollers. The system looks and feels like aluminium with the superior thermal performance of PVC-U. For strength the system uses fully reinforced PVC-U profile with galvanised steel and for added security, a six position multi-point locking mechanism is installed as standard.
A door that not only looks good, but also provides excellent weather and thermal protection to keep you warm and secure all year long.

product colours

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