Windows are the showcase feature of your home. They determine the character and appearance of your property, whether its a traditional victorian terrace or a stylish new build. We offer a wide range of windows to add style and value to your home. A low maintenance ,colour fast, long lasting window gives your home an elegant look that will last for years. No more painting simply wipe clean and your windows will look as good as new.  Around 40% of heat loss in the home occurs through standard single pane windows. Double glazed windows and doors substantially reduce heat loss.

Through our world leading profile supplier Deceunick, we are able to offer a vast range of windows which are manufactured right here in Ammanford. We supply and install all window types such as Casement, Tilt & Turn, Bay, Flush Sash, Chamfered Sash, Vertical Sliding Sash and Fully reversible Windows.

We also have a new range of Triple Glazed Windows. With home energy bills continuing to rise it’s no surprise that Triple Glazing is becoming an increasingly popular option that more people are asking about. Not only is there improved energy efficiency and warmth Triple Glazing also greatly improves sound reduction.

Sapphire Windows products come with a huge range of glass design options. From obscured patterned glass, leaded designs, Georgian bars, coloured glass and bevels,the options are limitless.

product colours

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